Zoom Gold Corners Hoops Mix
Zoom Gold Corners Hoops Mix
Zoom Gold Corners Hoops Mix
Zoom Gold Corners Hoops Mix

Gold Corners Hoops Mix



Product Details

  • Single hoop measures 7/8" long and 1/8" deep.
  • Available in Silver and Gold Mix.
  • Comes in a jewelry pouch with polishing cloth and gift box.
  • Sold as a pair.


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About This Collection SURROUND

SURROUND collection is inspired by Hiroshi Yoshimura's 1986 ambient music work "Surround," which he envisioned as seamlessly blending into daily life. This collection, centered on the body and using jewelry as a medium, explores the intimate relationships between people, objects, and spaces. Influenced by Yoshimura's delicate and thought-provoking music, the designer created pieces based on the concept of silver enwrapping gold. Through intertwining and enveloping forms, the collection delves into the subtle dependencies and emotional connections between individuals and their surroundings, as well as between the body and jewelry.

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