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“In squares reside circles, and in circles dwell squares; as above, so below; as within, so without.”

The ABOAB AW23 collection takes nature as its prologue, painting with fingertips and bestowing life between the vast skies and the nurturing earth, exploring its traces in the world where myriad living things coexist and thrive.

Named after Pina Bausch's dance work "Ten Chi" , the series uses circular and square shapes to depict the symbiotic relationship between heaven and earth, embodying the harmony found in nature.

The designs utilize the graceful arc of the fingertip to represent humanity, while the embedded fingerprints symbolize self-awareness and the dynamic vitality found within each individual. The collection ranges from minimalistic and abstract to grounded and serene,embodying the brand's distinctive sense of craftsmanship and humanistic qualities.

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